hugumumIn the world where films are lavishly funded and promoted, Iris green films decided to make small budget movies that can make a change in the society not only to sow a seed of change but also to make sure it takes an imitative to make the change. Iris Green Films is addressing extremely candid and unembellished interpretation of the loneliness of a mother and an orphan igniting a spark of responsibility in every individual towards our parents.

HUG U MUM is a Campaign intiated by IRIS GREEN FILMS along with VEDIK-INDIA SOCIETY a Non Profit Organization to address the issues of loneliness of mothers.

With the growing rate of Old-Age Homes in India and Aboard, VIS plans to plan to curb it by educating younger generation not to encourage such homes to dumb parents and spread more awareness of retired community living, where they can live comfortably, productively and with dignity for the rest of their natural lives .But on the same time there are lots and lots of such homes. that lack essential facilities and care.VIS plans to adopt such homes and be an umberalla organization to provide the requisites. PLEASE JOIN US at www.hugumum.com