Smile Foundation is a national level development organization directly benefitting over 300,000 children and their families every year, through 158 welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in more than 700 remote villages and slums across 25 states of India. Children, their families and the community become the target group for Smile Foundation’s activities as child education cannot be done in isolation and nothing else but education for children can bring long lasting change in the society

Smile Foundation continuously strives to sensitize the privileged mass of the country so that they can come forward on the social problems of the country as personal challenges and fight them back.

Smile has been developing films and documentaries on its core areas and has been hugely successful in both the genres. I am Kalam is a Smile Foundation production and is the first film ever in India to be produced by a development organization. The film has won 23 coveted national and international awards from the 40 prestigious film festivals that it travelled to, across the globe.